Craft & Sewing Parties

Enjoy an afternoon designing, sewing and creating something uniquely yours at one of our creative craft and sewing parties for kids of all skill levels, starting from age 7. 

Our hands-on craft workshops for adults will have you beading, embroidering, paper-cutting, pom-poming and creating in no time. Perfect for hen parties!

Craft Kits & Tools

We stock a range of kids sewing kits in our shop, along with tickets to our craft workshops and Loome tools, which make great gifts for young designers and crafters.

Shop our kits, tools and templates and our range of pom-pom inspired homewares.


Get inspired to try new craft projects, learn new skills with our tutorials and pick up a tip or two on our crafty blog.

After all, "the creative adult is the child that has survived." We could all use a bit more craft our lives, don't you think?