Conscious Crafting

The Sewcial Circle’s Environmental mandate


Crafting + The Environment

Peer pressure works, just saying. I grew up in a household that recycled every single thing. If it wasn’t recycled, it was re-used. Today, small brands across the UK are demanding alternatives to plastic, looking to avoid it altogether and trying to find creative ways to still run a business, without damaging the environment. It’s tough, I’m not going to lie… because plastic is the easy solution.

The truth is, plastic doesn’t disappear when it’s put into the recycle bin. It gets re-processed and made into something else out of plastic. This process is great because it gives the plastic another life but as the pressure grows to say no to single-use plastic, and even move away from plastic entirely, I realised that we cannot wait for the big corporations to make the first move. The move starts with us, the little independent businesses.

Can you craft with a conscious? Yes. I’ll expand a bit more on that later.

After hours of research, sourcing new materials, I’ll be bringing you some new content about crafting with the environment in mind. I haven't always done things perfectly, and even now as I research alternatives, they come with a higher price tag and so solution is completely without its faults.

Understanding that, these are some of the things The Sewcial Circle does to minimise impact on the environment and create positive change in the society around us:

  • We aim to use completely recyclable mail materials by the end of 2019, once our supply of paper-coated bubble-wrap envelopes have been used up.

  • We aim to use 100% wool felt (or natural alternative) in all our workshops, kits and events once our current stock of acrylic felt has been used up.

  • We are currently sourcing durable bioplastic pouches for all our kits, because we know that being able to see inside is important to you. We also understand the environmental impacts of using biodegradable/compostable packaging so are not looking into those types of alternatives.

  • We aim to source organic cotton, when cotton is necessary.

As always, the aim of The Sewcial Circle is to inspire the joy of creativity and making, especially in the next generation, but also finding a way to do this and make fun and beautiful projects without hurting the environment.