Everyone should know how to sew on a button or attach a patch. But sewing isn't all mending (let's be honest, that's so boring!); you can make crazy-cool and beautiful things for yourself too! Our kids sewing party projects are all about making things you'll be proud to show off to your friends.

Now, which project should you choose for your party? We've listed the projects with some suggestions for appropriate ages. We hope there's something that inspires you! Looking for party bags that fit the bill? Our mini kits are perfect little keepsakes.

For more information or to book a party, please get in touch by email or by phone 07427 092326.


These fluffy creatures will become favourite friends, as they're small enough to tuck into your rucksack. Stitch your mouse's face, sew him together and make a matchbox bed and a passport to go along with it. These can easily be made into cats or rabbits too. This project involves hand-stitching and glueing.

This project is for a 2-hour party, suitable for ages 7+, £16 per child.

Mice in Beds
IMG_2245 (1).jpg


These colourful owls are the perfect project for an afternoon of sewing. All the pieces are cut out in advance, you just need to stitch it together, add some wings and a bow at the end. Any boys in the group? They'll love sewing up a spooky bat instead! This project involves all hand-stitching.

This project is for a 2-hour party, suitable for ages 7+, £16 per child.


Sew a beautiful heart-shaped lavender sachet that can be tucked inside your pillow case for sleeping or hung in your closet with all your pretty dresses. Stamp a message or a motif with one of our rubber stamps and add a ribbon and a vintage button at the end. 

These are the cutest keepsakes, and something the girls will keep for years.

This project is for a 1.5-hour party, suitable for ages 7+, £12 per child.


These fun and bright pillows will definitely brighten up any room! Choose your favourite smiley emoji and we'll show you how to cut out the pieces and stitch it all together. We'll appliqué the face with hand-stitches and sew the pillow together using a sewing machine that we'll bring along. Then, it's just a matter of stuffing it and stitching up the hole. Ta-da!

This project is for a 2 hour party, suitable for ages 8+, £17 per child.

how to make an emoji pillow
emoji pillow kids sewing party
emoji pillow kids sewing party


Create your own gorgeous pom-pom creation! Dig through our colourful stash of yarn and create single-colour or go funky with multi-coloured pom-poms and we'll show you how to turn them into either a pom-pom crown or a wall-hanging. We'll spend about 30 minutes showing kids different pom-pom making techniques and each child will make either a crown on a colourful fabric-covered Alice band with a collection of pom-poms on top or a wall hanging where the pom-poms are attached to a dowel or stick to hang up on their wall at home. Everyone will make the same project at the party, to keep things simple.

This project is for a 2-hour party, suitable for ages 8+, £16 per child.

pom-pom kids craft party


Is there anything as fantastic as a fox? Learn how to make your very own Fantastic Fox Purse in this 2-hour kids sewing party where you’ll learn different ways to cut out shapes from felt accurately and appliqué the face of your fox onto your bag. There will be a sewing machine on hand too, in case you’d like to have a quick little intro while we stitch our bags together at the end and add the straps. This project involves hand-stitching and machine stitching.

This project is for a 2-hour party, suitable for ages 9+, £16 per child.

kids sewing party fox bags


Get crafty sewing some funky doughnuts at this 2-hour party! Kids will design their doughnuts with button "sweets" and felt sprinkles and sew it together by the end of the party. Add a leash clip and these doughnuts are ready to jazz up any school bag or purse. This project involves all hand-stitching.

This project is for a 2-hour party, suitable for ages 8+, £16 per child.



Sew our very own plant pal at this 2-hour party! Kids will get stitchy embroidering their cactus' prickles and then adding some pom-pom and felt flowers to their cactus plants at the end, before potting them into their own terracotta pot to take home. It's the perfect desk mate and best of all, doesn't need any watering!

This project is for a 2-hour party, suitable for ages 7+, £16 per child.



We start this crafty party by painting and decorating our terracotta plant pots as well as some wooden beads. While these are drying, the kids learn how to create their own on-trend knotted planter to hang in their rooms. If time permits, we can also add tassels and pom-poms to make them extra jazzy! Kids will each take home their planter and pot. Add a mini-succulent or cactus plant for £2 each.

This project is for a 2-hour party, suitable for ages 10+, £18 per child.



This is a perfect introduction to jewellery-making techniques. Make a beaded bracelet with beautiful Czech glass beads, charms and will learn how to make handmade tassels. Kids will learn the basics needed to make all sorts of different types of beaded jewellery. Most girls will be able to make two bracelets during this party; one to keep and one to give to their BFF's!

This project is for a 2-hour party, suitable for ages 10+, £17 per child.

Bespoke Parties

We know how excited young designers can get about sewing and creating things entirely their own so we're always open to hearing your ideas if you are planning a themed party or would like to have a longer session doing a more extensive project. 

We hope our party projects inspire you but are by no means the only possibilities. Get in touch, we'd love to chat about how we can incorporate sewing into your special event.


Our range of mini-kits make for perfect sewing-themed party bags! Choose between Strawberry Keyrings, Lavender Hearts or Cat Necklaces for £4 each. Each kit contains everything needed (apart from scissors) to create the project and are ideal for kids ages 6+. We'll tuck them into a striped treat bag with a little bag of Haribo and a seam ripper for an additional £1 per person.

kids sewing party bags

The Fine Print

Sewcial Circle parties start at £12 per person for a 1.5-hour party but most of our parties are 2-hours at £16 per child. We typically sew/create for 1.5 hours and leave 20 minutes at the end for tea and cake.

We require a minimum of 6 to run the party. For groups larger than 10, please get in touch as this will depend on the age of the children and the project chosen. Party numbers are confirmed 3 days before the party.

Price includes a tutor to run the sewing workshop, all materials and equipment as well as a little paper gift bag to take the project home in. For more information about our parties, check out our FAQ page.