Pom-Pom Gift Wrap

The Christmas holidays may seem ages away still but now that Bonfire Night has come and gone, it’s definitely time to start thinking about Christmas and the gifts that will be underneath the tree.

Let’s chat wrapping, shall we?

Did you know that most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable? Especially the beautiful glittery ones with gold foil. I love these papers but the reality is, they all end up in the landfill at the end of the season. So in an effort to save my pocket (gorgeous wrapping paper is also so pricey!) and the environment, I’m going to share a few ideas on how to do up your gifts to look superb with my favourite thing ever: POM-POMS!

Use up your yarn scraps, grab a Loome tool, and make a bunch of pom-poms. Lots of people are wrapping their gifts now with brown kraft paper. And sure, it’s pretty plain jane but spruce it up with some foliage and a pom and you can a very Instagrammable pressie! (It’s all about the gram!)

Enough chit chat, let’s go!

pompom gift wrap

Pom-Pom & Tassels

Grab a glue gun and some pom-poms from the craft store and stick them on in a polka-dot pattern. Tie with metallic string and add a few tassels.

Swish! (image via @honestlywtf)

Here’s a simple idea from  Cox & Cox : wrap in plain white paper and add a pom-pom bobble trim, available at most craft and haberdashery shops.

Here’s a simple idea from Cox & Cox: wrap in plain white paper and add a pom-pom bobble trim, available at most craft and haberdashery shops.

Hobbycraft is so on-point with this wrapping! Make a red pom-pom, glue it on and add Rudolph’s features with a sharpie. Here’s  the full how-to .

Hobbycraft is so on-point with this wrapping! Make a red pom-pom, glue it on and add Rudolph’s features with a sharpie. Here’s the full how-to.

monochrome pompom gift wrapping


I love the look of these packages with black & white pom-poms. These are a cinch to make with a Loome tool and some stripey baker’s twine. (Image from @ateliepompom)

Make your tape part of the wrapping.

Or a handy staple to secure your tag and pom.

felted ball wrapping

Felted Ball Garlands

These felt pom-poms are threaded with a strong string, which can be used later as a decorative garland! A lovely idea from Oh Happy Day.

simple wrapping with pom-poms

Which ideas do you love the most? Which idea will you be trying?

How To Make A Pom-Pom Bat

Halloween is coming! I walked through the seasonal aisle at my local Sainsbury’s this afternoon. It was half ghoulish costumes for 4-foot zombies, witches, skeletons and monsters and half collectible Christmas shortbread tins. If you’d rather forego the plastic decorations for Halloween this year, I’ll show you how to create fun little bat pom-poms, which you can hang up in doorways, on your doorknobs and in the windows to greet your trick-or-treaters.

pom pom bat

What you’ll need:

  • Loome tool

  • Black yarn, any weight

  • Felt scraps in black and white

  • String for hanging

  • PVA glue or fabric glue

Make a pom-pom with your Loome tool

Use your black yarn to create a pom-pom with your Loome tool. If you’re using DK-weight yarn, you’ll need to wrap it around 140 times. If you’re using Aran-weight yarn, around 90 revolutions will do the trick. If you need more in-depth instructions on making a pom-pom with a Loome tool, just check out our previous post, How To Make A Pom-Pom.

Trim your pom.

How to make a pom pom bat
how to make a pom pom bat

Cut out the eyes and wings

Use your felt scraps to cut out two white circles, and two smaller black ones to go inside. Go ahead and glue those black circles down, before they get lost! Cut a small smiley mouth for your bat, but a row of jagged teeth also look great!

Cut two bat-shaped wings next, and you’re all done with the tricky cutting bits.

String it up

Before you glue on the bat’s face and wings, attach the string you’re going to use to hang it up. This way, you’ll know which way is up for your bat.

tie the string onto your pom pom bat to hang it up

Glue it all together

Using a hot glue gun or fabric glue, attach the eyes, teeth and wings onto your pom-pom. Separate the yarn a bit to nestle the pieces into your pom-pom, so that they’re nice and secure.

Ready, set, SPOOK!

Give it a moment to dry. This is really quick is you’ve used a glue gun. If you’ve used another kind of glue then you might want to wait a bit longer for it to dry. Hang up your bat and get ready to spook away all those ghosts and ghouls on Halloween night with your crew of pom-pom bats.

pom pom bat how to
pom pom bat with pumpkins

How To Make A Pom-Pom

One of the best things about making pom-poms is that you really don't need many tools, but if you have the right ones, then it's easy.

What you'll need to get started:

Making a pom-pom is a lot easier than it looks,

just start winding!

1. Secure the end of the yarn to any notch on either arm of any Loome tool model. Wind yarn around arms, make sure tension is not too tight or too loose. 

Note: Mix it up! You can use more than one colour. 

2. Wind 140 revolutions. When done, secure end to any notch, then cut. Note: Generally, with worsted weight yarn 90 revolutions will give you a 2.5cm* trimmed, dense pom-pom, 120=3cm, 175=4.5cm, 200+=5cm. (*approx.) 

3. Cut 30cm strong string. While yarn is on Loome tool, take strong string and tie a tight double knot around the centre of yarn bundle.

4. Gently wedge yarn bundle off the Loome tool. Flip yarn bundle and make another even tighter double knot on the other side.

5. Flip yarn bundle for a third time and make another even tighter double knot.

Note: Tight double knots hold the pom-pom together. 

6. Take scissors and cut loops on both sides in half. Make sure you cut all loops, some may be hiding.

7. Next, it's time to trim. Take the pom-pom trim guide, match it centre to centre. Start the haircut by snipping around the trim guide. Flip and repeat. Then, cut like a real haircut to finish shaping.

If you want more details on how to trim your pom-pom down, check out our post, How To Use The Pom-Pom Trim Guide. Don't have time to source all the materials separately? Grab one of our Pom-Pom Starter Kits; they come in different colourways and include a book of instructions, tips and projects to make with your pom-poms!

Happy pom-poming!

How To Use The Pom-Pom Trim Guide

Have you ever wondered how people get their pom-poms perfectly round? I'll let you in on a little secret: they use a trim guide. 

This small circular guide helps shape and trim down your pom-pom super accurately, and also quickly. We stock the Loome Pom-Pom Trim Guides in our shop, which are made of bamboo but you could also make one yourself at home out of cardboard or strong card-stock. What I love about the Loome ones though, is that they're strong and sturdy, made from bamboo, and won't bend while trimming. Plus, they double up as a kumihimo cord maker!

Let's get started!

1. Make your pom-pom

Check out our tutorial how to make a pom-pom. Once you've tied your middle string, you're ready to trim. I always start by trimming the middle strings down, so that they don't show later. Then, trim all your loops. Make sure none are hiding down inside.

2. Place trim guide centre-to-centre and cut

Then, place your trim guide in the centre of the pom-pom and holding it firmly, snip generously around the guide, keeping your scissors close to the guide. Don't be scared, the first could cuts are a bit of a hack job to get the general shape.

using a pom-pom trim guide
trimming the pom-pom

3. Turn your pom-pom and trim again

Turn the pom-pom on its side, so that your trim guide is now flat against the side you just cut and cut around the guide again.

4. Fine tuning

Now you can put your trim guide to the side, and use your scissors to trim slowly around your pom-pom until you get the desired density. Start by trimming one side first, then rotating your pom-pom and trim the shaggier areas of the pom-pom. 

half-trimmed pom-pom
finished colour-burst pom-pom

Every now and then, roll your pom-pom in your hands and use your fingers to fluff out the pom-pom to find any strands hidden inside that need to be trimmed. 

And that's your pom-pom trimmed up nice and quickly with the trim guide! Made some pom-poms? Share them with us on Instagram using the tag #gettingsewcial!

How to make pompom peg doll ballerinas

I bet whoever designed the wooden clothes peg (apparently that was Jérémie Victor Opdebec, according to Wikipedia) had no idea they would be used a century later for kids crafts. But they're perfect for making little people... and especially for making ballerinas with fun pom-pom tutus!

Love to make pom-poms? Then you have to get your hands on a Loome tool, our latest craft tool obsession!

What you'll need:

  • wooden clothes-pegs
  • acrylic paints or marker pens
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • 2x pom-pom templates cut out on some thick card (an empty cereal box is perfect for this sort of thing)

Let's go:

1. First, paint your pegs with acrylic paint or draw on them with marker pens. If you're making these with younger kids, definitely go for the marker pens. Don't forget to paint some ballerina shoes on them too! Once you're happy with them, set them aside to dry.

2. Cut out your templates from the cardboard and start to wrap the yarn around both of them at the same time. Keep wrapping until you cover all the card with yarn. If you're using thin yarn this could take a little while!

3. Place your peg doll in the middle of the pompom template and wedge your scissors in between the two pieces of card. Cut the yarn all the way around the pom-pom template. Then, cut a piece of yarn about 20cm in length, wrap it around the peg doll in between the two pieces of card and tie a tight double knot around the peg doll.

4. Remove the card templates and give your ballerina tutu a little haircut. When you're happy with how it looks, you're done!

You could also add a coat of varnish to the peg doll after painting if you like, especially if you know they're going to get a lot of wear and tear. You can also add some hot glue around the bottom of the tutu to make sure the yarn stays in place.

Now, for the dance of the sugar plum fairies!