LOVE YA Papercut Card Template for Valentine's Day

Whether you’re in the “Valentines Schmalentines” camp or you’re already dresses in red and pink from head to toe in anticipation for Feb the 14th, it’s nice to get a card that says, LOVE YA. Because we all like to know why we’re loved and it’s even better to tell someone else why they’re the sparkle of your eye.

Here’s a simple paper-cut card template that you can use to make a handmade card (because if we’re really going to go all-out this Valentine’s Day, you might as well make the card by hand!). Paper cutting is fairly easy with the right tools and you don’t need to be particularly artistic or creative to get beautiful results, which is why my paper cut workshops and parties in London are so popular!


What you’ll need:



Print the template page at 100% on your home printer. Don’t scale or fit to the page.

 Cut around the dotted line. When printed at 100%, this square should measure 13.5cm x 13.5cm and fit a standard square greeting card.

Open your card and lay it down in front on you. On the left-hand side of the inside of the card, place your sheet of graphite paper face down and then lay your template on top of this. 

Trace along the lines of the template until the whole design has been transferred onto your card. If you need to peek to see if you’ve traced it all, just pinch one corner, making sure you have all the layers secure, and lift up the graphite paper.



Get your scalpel and start cutting! It’s important to always cut towards your body when paper-cutting. Using a fresh, sharp blade is also important in order to get clean cuts. Rotate the card as you work around the design. Remember to cut along all the lines.


Choose the backing paper and cut it to size once all the pieces of the design have been cut out. Carefully use a glue stick to apply glue around the edge of the card and along the chunkier parts of the design. You don’t want to get glue on the front of the card, so I usually just do a few dabs here and there in the middle so that the backing paper sticks down.


Place your card underneath a few heavy books until dry.

TA-DA! That’s it. Write a mushy note inside for your #1 and tell then why you love them!

How to make super-simple paper-cut Valentine's


I love Valentine's Day. Mostly because it's also my husband's birthday and mine follows a few days later. Despite by parent's best plans to also have a Feb 14th baby, I just wasn't ready to come out that day!

Here's a simple way to make two paper-cut Valentine's Day cards for the price of 1! I love this method and it works for lots of different kinds of designs.

What you need:

  • Craft scalpel like an X-ACTO knife
  • Blank cards
  • Decorative papers (mine are from a recent copy of Mollie Makes)
  • Pritt stick

How to make it:

1. On the inside of one card, sketch out a heart shape. Cut it out with your scalpel knife very carefully.

2. Cut out two pieces of paper that are 0.5cm smaller than your finished card. For example, my mini cards measure 10.5 x 7.5cm so I cut my papers to be 10 x 7cm in size.

3. Glue one paper on the inside of the card, covering up any leftover pencil marks.

4. Glue the other paper on the outside of a card, glueing the heart you cut out for the first card on top of it, in the centre. And that's it!

See what I mean? Super-simple and you get two lovely, simple cards for the price and effort of making one. One for your sweet-heart and the other for you best gal?

Check out our other Valentine's DIY for making a heart badge if you fancy a bit of sewing.

How to sew a flying heart badge

These darling little badges are the perfect hand-sewing project to do on a grey, cold February afternoon. You only need a bit of felt, some wadding and a badge pin to make one and are the perfect little gifts to give to your BFFs for Galentine's Day. 


  • Sewing kit: needle / scissors / thread
  • Pink embroidery floss 
  • Felt (white + pink + blue)
  • Glittery fabric, a nice touch but not necessary
  • Badge pin
  • Wadding
  • Glue gun*

*I used the glue gun to attach the badge pin on the back, you can also sew this on if you don't have a glue gun. I also used it to glue on the gold fabric, as it's quite tricky to sew on. Alternatively, use some fabric glue or have a go at sewing it.

How to make it:

1. First things first: cut out your pieces. I drew a heart-shape on paper and cut it out to use as a template to cut out my white hearts. Then I cut that heart down a bit to make a template for the pink one, and again for the gold one. The white ones are roughly 6 x 7cm in size.

Cut out your wings as well.

2. Start by sewing on your pink heart with a running stitch to one of the white hearts.

3. Then stitch around the edge of both white hearts together with an other stitch. When you reach where you'd like the wings to be, sandwich them in-between the two white hearts and use running stitch to secure them in. Then, continue with your over-stitch until you reach the second wing. Continue all the way around until there is a small hole left.

4. Stuff your heart with the wadding, just enough so that it's a little puffy.

5. Sew up the hole and glue your badge pin onto the back using a glue gun. If you don't have a glue gun, sew it on with needle and thread.

6. Fabric glue, or a glue gun can be used to glue on the glittery heart. If you don't have any glittery fabric, just create another heart in another colour.

Ta-da! Create a nice little card to go with it and you've make yourself a lovely handmade Valentine's Day gift!

Valentine's Day cards

Tis the season to celebrate all things heart-shaped, red and sweet. I've always been one to make my own cards so here are a few ideas I've put together to inspire your own homemade Valentine's Day card making session.

You can do a lot with a few blank cards, red paper, scissors, thread and glue! I treated myself to a box of chocolates to help the making process along...

Experimenting with paper cutting

Some paper cutting tips? Grab a self-healing rubber mat for this project, believe me, kitchen cutting boards do not work. A sharp blade is much easier to work with than a dull one. Take it easy, take it slow and your design will come out beautifully.

Getting your stitch on

This may feel a little elementary, but I think there's something so charming about a hand-embroidered card! Stitch a heart, your initials and an arrow through it for some school-day romance when people still used to carve their initials into a tree.

Collage for your soul

I will never get sick of cut and paste. It's good for your soul. Pull out an old magazine, pull out some pretty papers from past issues of Mollie Makes and get snipping! Tissue paper and glitter go a long way! Work up some textures with different layers and then glue them all down for an alternative card.

Don't forget your envelope, spruce it up with a little crafting too!