LOVE YA Papercut Card Template for Valentine's Day

Whether you’re in the “Valentines Schmalentines” camp or you’re already dresses in red and pink from head to toe in anticipation for Feb the 14th, it’s nice to get a card that says, LOVE YA. Because we all like to know why we’re loved and it’s even better to tell someone else why they’re the sparkle of your eye.

Here’s a simple paper-cut card template that you can use to make a handmade card (because if we’re really going to go all-out this Valentine’s Day, you might as well make the card by hand!). Paper cutting is fairly easy with the right tools and you don’t need to be particularly artistic or creative to get beautiful results, which is why my paper cut workshops and parties in London are so popular!


What you’ll need:



Print the template page at 100% on your home printer. Don’t scale or fit to the page.

 Cut around the dotted line. When printed at 100%, this square should measure 13.5cm x 13.5cm and fit a standard square greeting card.

Open your card and lay it down in front on you. On the left-hand side of the inside of the card, place your sheet of graphite paper face down and then lay your template on top of this. 

Trace along the lines of the template until the whole design has been transferred onto your card. If you need to peek to see if you’ve traced it all, just pinch one corner, making sure you have all the layers secure, and lift up the graphite paper.



Get your scalpel and start cutting! It’s important to always cut towards your body when paper-cutting. Using a fresh, sharp blade is also important in order to get clean cuts. Rotate the card as you work around the design. Remember to cut along all the lines.


Choose the backing paper and cut it to size once all the pieces of the design have been cut out. Carefully use a glue stick to apply glue around the edge of the card and along the chunkier parts of the design. You don’t want to get glue on the front of the card, so I usually just do a few dabs here and there in the middle so that the backing paper sticks down.


Place your card underneath a few heavy books until dry.

TA-DA! That’s it. Write a mushy note inside for your #1 and tell then why you love them!

Mother's Day Paper Cut Cards Tutorial

I love paper cutting. I also love my mom. So I whipped up this template for a lovely paper cut Mother's Day card just in time for you all to make your mom's lovely handmade Mother's Day cards.

If you're reading this from the US, you're probably thinking, "Say what? Mother's Day is in May!" And you're right. But since I'm Canadian, living in London, I get to celebrate this lovely day twice a year.

Let's get started on our cards, shall we?

What you'll need:

  • card template
  • blank square 13cm x 13cm card with matching envelope (10 for £2 in our shop)
  • graphite transfer paper (you can find this on Amazon or at London Graphic Centre)
  • craft scalpel cutting knife
  • cutting mat (a kitchen cutting board will do in a pinch)
  • decorative paper for the inside
  • pen or pencil
  • glue stick

Let's do it:

1. Download and print the card template at 100%. Cut it out along the dotted lines. Open your card and lay your sheet of graphite paper face down on the left-hand side of the open card. Then lay your template face up on top of it. We're transferring our design in reverse on the inside of the card so that we don't have to go back and rub out the graphite marks on the front of the card.


2. Using a pencil or pen, trace along all the lines of the template to transfer the design. If you lose track of where you've traced and where you haven't, simply hold tight onto one corner so the template doesn't move and life up the transfer paper.


3. Once your design has been transferred, it's time to cut! It's important to have a sharp blade when paper cutting in order to get a nice, clean finish. Take it slow and cut with a constant and firm pressure.

Remember: It’s easiest to cut towards yourself. Always rotate your work as you go to avoid cutting at awkward angles or away from yourself; this is especially true when cutting curves.

4. When you have finished cutting out your design, admire your knife skills from the front of the card. So pretty, right? If you need to tidy up any edges, just turn the card over and clean up some of the cuts. If your edges look a bit ragged, it's probably time to change the blade in your knife, or use firmer pressure while cutting.


5. Next, cut a piece of decorative paper slightly smaller than the size of the card. In our case that would be 12.5cm x 12.5cm. Use a glue stick around the edge of the design and in a few places in the middle and stick your paper pretty side down so that it shows on the front of the card.


6. You're done! Write a sweet message for your mom on the inside and tuck it into an envelope.

Share your handmade cards with us! We're on Instagram and Twitter and would love to see your handmade creations.


Blooming lovely floral accessories

The sun has decided to make an appearance, at last, and it has finally been feeling a lot like spring the past couple of days! It's perfect weather for a bit of outdoor crafting and sewing and what better place to find inspiration than in your own garden!

Want to make some of your own? These flower brooches, rings or hair clips are the perfect way to spread the springtime cheer, and they're also part of our popular party offering. These are such fun to make, and go as far as you let your creativity take them!

What you'll need:

  • assorted colours of felt
  • flower templates
  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • hair clips, ring bases or brooch backs (you can find these at Poundland or your local crafty store, or Amazon... but shop locally first if you can)
  • hot glue gun

Let's do it:

1. Download our templates and print them out at 100%. Cut them out and pin them to your pieces of felt. Carefully cut out your shapes.

2. The beauty of these felt flowers is that you can stack the pieces however you like, biggest to smallest, and mix and match them. We've added little circles of felt that we've snipped into to create sort of sun-burst flowers. Once you find the right mix, sew the layers together by starting from the back and pushing the needle up through all of the layers at the same time. Secure them with 2-3 stitches and then sew on a bead or a button to complete the centre of the flower.

3. Finally, once your flower is done, get that hot glue gun plugged in and ready to go. Once it's hot and ready, put a dab of glue onto your ring base, hair clip or brooch back and press your flower onto the glue, being very careful not to burn your fingers on the glue.

4. Let it rest for a few minutes while the glue sets and ta-da!