Embroidery on photographs

My impulse buys don't usually turn out so well. I'm one of those people who hums and ha's at the shop before deciding. It's even more likely that I'll go home to think about it before returning the next day to purchase.

Well, this impulse buy has really panned out because Prym printable creative fabric is the coolest!

The pack includes 5 sheets of printable cotton fabric that works with regular ink jet printers at home. It's super easy too.

How to use Prym fabric paper

  • You just load the fabric into the paper tray and print using the best print quality.
  • Let it dry and then peel off the backing.
  • Run it under cold water and lay it flat to dry. Then it's ready to sew.

Now that I've printed my images, all I need to do is start stitching. My inspiration?

From  Harem6art
From Maria Aparicio

From Maria Aparicio

From  Maria

From Maria