Enjoy an afternoon designing, sewing and creating something uniquely yours at one of our creative kids sewing parties for all skill levels, starting from age 7. 

Thread those needles, wind those bobbins and make something you'll be proud to show off to your friends! Choose from one of our project ideas on our Crafty Parties page.


Planning a hen party, a special event or just want to learn a new skill? We'd love to help with unique and creative tutor-led workshops at your home or any London venue of your choice. Choose between paper cutting, embroidery, jewellery-making, macrame and more!

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crafty hen party idea macrame

Our hands-on workshops will have you beading, embroidering, crafting, pom-poming and creating in no time! For project inspiration, check out our Adult Crafty Parties page.

What are mums saying about our sewing workshops?

I just wanted to say how much Ella enjoyed her Summer Sewing Camp and how impressed we were with all the wonderful things she made. She is quite shy but found the group sessions really fun and she loves you, Katie! Plus, she hasn’t taken off the skirt she made ever since…
— Jude, mum to Ella (age 7)
Maiya has just come home with today’s wonderful creations. And with her fingers still intact! Thanks so much - she has thoroughly enjoyed this camp.
— Tanya, mum to Maiya (age 7)
Third fantastic workshop my daughter has attended, Katie makes everything fun and my daughter has learnt so much. Would recommend and will be attending more workshops when we can.
— Sarah, mum to Katie (age 6)


Does your son or daughter want to learn how to use a sewing machine? We'll help your child learn the basics at their own pace, building skills with project-based lessons. Contact us about private or small group sewing lessons in your home. Ideal for ages 7+.

From making their own clothes to creating fun and unique accessories for their rooms... the project ideas are limitless!


We also stock a range of kids sewing kits in our shop, along with workshop tickets, and Loome tools, which make great gifts for young designers and keen little crafters.

Shop our kits, tools and templates to help you get started on your creating and our range of pom-pom inspired homewares.